Patellofemoral Syndrome: Covid-19 Edition

Over the past few months, people have been getting creative on how to stay active and healthy during the covid shut down.  For many, running has become an outlet for both mental and physical health.  

Patellofemoral syndrome, commonly referred to as runner’s knee, is an exceeding common condition and we’ve posted about it before.  However, over the past few weeks I’ve noticed a bit of an increase for this condition in our practice.  With gyms closed, it is difficult to stick with a well-rounded routine, balancing both cardio and strengthening.  Without access to gym equipment or a body sculpting class, many are forgoing the strengthening side of the equation altogether, which is contributing to the development of patellofemoral syndrome.  

Whether you are a new runner, or a veteran, it is imperative to supplement running with a strengthening program that focuses on core, gluts, and quads.  Below is a home exercise program we typically recommend to patients.  With the exception of the leg press exercise (which you can skip for now), no equipment is required.  Add bands or light weights as you advance. 

adminPatellofemoral Syndrome: Covid-19 Edition