Teresa Saputo-Crerend

I saw Dr. Beth Shubin Stein after consulting with a surgeon locally in Mount Kisco. I had a torn meniscus and was in a great deal of discomfort. The local surgeon suggested I get surgery right away and told me “you will never get better without surgery with the type of tear you have.” I was discouraged for two reasons: 1. I was hoping he would at least suggest an alternate route to try. I’m fine to get surgery if I need it, but didn’t want to rush into anything and 2. for me to be “out” for several weeks postoperatively would obviously require much juggling for our family. I am an active mother of three working part-time.

Dr. Shubin Stein confirmed my diagnosis, but told me to try physical therapy first and if after the summer it wasn’t better (it was May), then I could consider surgery. She also said that people can live with tears and they don’t always have to be a problem: “If the physical therapy makes you feel better then go do what you would normally do.” The physical therapy helped and was so much like my regular work-out routine that I eventually just started working out again. I use a mega-former three to four times a week and I am feeling just great. I recently went rock-climbing for the first time with my kids. I am so glad I went for a second opinion. I received rational, reasonable advice, gained confidence about the injury and feel great.

Beth Shubin SteinTeresa Saputo-Crerend