Taylor Dumond

Imagine you’re in a sports game. And all of a sudden your knees start hurting. You think it’s just from running and it’ll go away. For a few months it doesn’t go away. You tell your parents and go to a doctor. The first doctor says do physical therapy and you’ll be fine. You do the physical therapy while you are involved in school and sports still. And no relief of pain. That’s when I decided to go to HSS. You see a few doctors. They send you to different ones that might know what it is. That’s when I was referred to doctor Beth Shubin Stein. She dosed injections and I was still involved in physical therapy. The injections work for only a few weeks. Then I go back. And after many MRI’s we decided to do surgery on both to get the dead cartilage out. Overall the surgery worked and I can go back to doing small activities that I missed a lot. Nobody knows what caused it or why a 12-year-old girl would have this damage in her cartilage. But I’m not gonna let my knees stop me from doing what I love. I feel great and feel like the surgeries definitely helped thanks to Doctor Shubin Stein!!

Beth Shubin SteinTaylor Dumond