Robert Corvalan

A family member had been treated by Dr. Beth Shubin Stein for many years for arthritis in her knee. When I fell on ice last January I was unable to move my right arm and had intense pain in my arm and shoulder. I could not work at my company because of the injury. I made an appointment with Dr. Shubin Stein and she told me I needed surgery. She was able to have me prescreened by HSS the next day and scheduled by surgery for the same week. I went into surgery at 9:30 am and left HSS to go home at 2:30PM the same day. I cannot say enough good things about the hospital and the staff. It was the most pleasant experience I ever had and everyone reassuring me that I would be fine. Dr. Shubin Stein was great: professional and very caring. I would recommend her and HSS to anyone needing this type of care. Thank you Beth Shubin Stein and HSS for getting me back in the game.

Beth Shubin SteinRobert Corvalan