Mirabelle Harris

When I came to HSS I had already had four knee surgeries at a local hospital near me in Boston. I originally shattered my kneecap and tore my MCL, MPFL as well as caused serious trauma to my knee as a whole. By the time I came for an evaluation at HSS my knee had dislocated four times and the cartilage was completely worn down. The orthopedic surgeon that had previously worked on me had done everything he knew how to in order to repair my knee. However, the dislocations continued even with multiple TTO’s ligament replacements, and the original kneecap reconstruction. I came to this hospital with very little hope remaining and after my visit with Dr. Shubin Stein I left with much more hope in my future. Not only did she test for countless conditions that could have been the possible cause for my continuous dislocations, but she was determined to fix it and was confident that she could. It was a vigorous surgery and the recovery was even more intense however, after my fifth surgery here my knee stopped dislocating. I continued to visit and Dr. Shubin Stein never stopped caring and working with me to get my knee back to as much function as possible. Going into the surgery I was told I would only have about 90 degrees of flexion within my knee and yet, as I write this today I solidly have 120 degrees. Although I am still in the recovery process and am working back up to playing lacrosse and soccer like I used to I am able to run again and do everyday activities without feeling restrained by my knee. I tried out for a crew team in the spring, made the team, and got to participate in the incredible sport for the season. I owe everything to this hospital and Dr. Shubin Stein to getting me where I am today and for helping me return to being an athlete once again!

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