Courtney Shealy

I have been dealing with chronic patella dislocations on both my right and left knee for the last 10 years. This reoccurring injury has followed me all the way into my professional career with the American Ballet Theatre for the last 5 years. As a professional ballet dancer my knees became a constant fear while dancing. Finally October of 2020 I had a catastrophic episode walking my dog outside where my left patella dislocated two times within 5 minutes.
After this incident I was tired of dealing with this injury in all aspects of my life. I immediately headed to HSS and was referred to Dr. Beth Shubin Stein. At this point I was devastated and fearful that my career as a dancer could be over.  As soon as I met with Dr Shubin Stein I knew she was the surgeon to save my knees and career. She comforted me and I could feel that she knew how terrified I was. But through all the appointments and surgeries I had, she never once said “you will never dance again”.
After two MPFL reconstructions, two Tibial Tubercle Osteotomy’s, and a hardware removal surgery throughout the course of about a year in total, I’m currently up and dancing again.  I’m so grateful for everyone at HSS and especially Dr. Shubin Stein for saving my knees and helping me get back on my toes!

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