Alicia Solan-Teglasi

I came to HSS to determine whether or not I needed surgery. I saw two doctors and found that each felt differently as to whether or not I needed surgery. I also went for a third recommendation from a PT–a director at another well-known institution. Since I also know that surgeries in the past have always been difficult for me-I decided that this time I would do without it. I went for outpatient rehab and have full strength and range of motion in the formerly affected shoulder. I made the right choice for me and HSS helped me get to it. I am very thankful for that.

Beth Shubin SteinAlicia Solan-Teglasi
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Barbara Jean Smith

I separated my right shoulder in 1995, the Dr. said the only that would help was time (and painkillers temporarily). It got somewhat better with time. Then worse. By 2011, not being able to reach across my desk at work to answer the phone, I sought help. The Drs. out on eastern LI kept giving me cortisone shots, to no avail. I made an appointment with HSS, got in right away. Amazing people! I had bursitis, arthritis, bone spurs and the joint was collapsing in on itself. My surgery was a week and a half later. Once again, amazing people, Dr. Beth Shubin Stein performed the surgery. I was on my way home 5 hrs later. Yes, there was pain at first, but I have not had such a range of motion in 16 years, now with little or no pain. Once again, amazing.

Beth Shubin SteinBarbara Jean Smith
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Isabella Bjorkeson

In high school, I participated in many sports but my favorite two were soccer and track and field. During my high school career, I experienced 3 shoulder dislocations but never looked into them. Upon being recruited to a collegiate track and field team, I went from being a hurdler and jumper to a heptathlete/pentathlete (7/5 event athlete). I had to start learning events such as shot put and javelin on weak shoulder. After a few more dislocation in college, I went to HSS to see what was wrong. Turns out I had a torn labrum for several years and I had no idea.

On August 16th, 2016 I received labrum surgery on my right shoulder and by October/November I was feeling great and getting back to sport. Now in early January, I am in full competition and back to being a healthy and strong athlete. The picture you see is from a competition last weekend, where I was making attempts at personal best heights and competing in all my events.

I cannot express enough gratitude to the staff, doctors, and surgeons at HSS. Through the entire process, I felt incredibly supported and cared for. I would recommend this hospital to all competitive athletes who are looking to making a fast and strong recovery. Good luck to everyone in their recovery process, and thank you HSS!

Beth Shubin SteinIsabella Bjorkeson
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