Gianna D’Antonio

As a dancer, I dance all year round, even in the summer. During a class on July 28th, while performing a Front Ariel, I landed the skill but my patella dislocated. My patella was put back into place that same night, but I felt so much pain and swelling. After being told I needed to see a doctor, I knew I had to find the right one.

After much research and time, we found HSS and the wonderful Beth Shubin Stein. She helped my family and I to fully understand what was going on with my injury, what needed to happen to fix it, and how the surgery would happen. I needed the piece of my patella that had broken off, removed. And then she was going to use my hamstring to replace my snapped MPFL. Dr.Shubin Stein was so knowledgeable. We immediately set a date for surgery on August 26th, 2022. Surgery day came, and everything went great. I went home excited to start this new journey and PT!

I started PT at home the following day, and a week later, I began at HSS in Paramus, NJ, with Dr.Wong. I continued with him for 12 weeks seeing Dr.Shubin Stein in between for check ups, to make certain everything looked great. The pain had all gone away by then, and the next step was to start the recovery for dance. I went to West Side Dance Physical Therapy with Caroline Krumm. We worked hard to progress in dance and I saw her for about ten weeks. By January, I was almost ready to be fully back in dance. I have continued to build up my strength since then, and now over eight months post-surgery, I am fully back to dancing and feeling amazing with no pain.

I don’t know what I would have done without the help of the fantastic Beth Shubin Stein, her staff, and my excellent PT physicians. Thank you Beth and thank you, HSS!



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