Partial Knee Replacement Surgery



A Patella is: The kneecap, or a thick, triangular bone which articulates with the femur (thigh bone) and covers and protects the front surface of the knee joint.

Underlying causes for knee replacement surgery include:

  • History of patella instability or dislocations
  • A severe injury to the patella(kneecap), such as a fracture
  • Malalignment, in which there is an increased load on the patella and early cartilage wear
  • Osteoarthritis without a specific origin
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-traumatic arthritis 

Symptoms indicating the need for a replacement surgery:

  • Isolated knee pain
  • Arthritis in the front of the knee

Pain when climbing stairs or walking up an incline

Treatments for Partial Knee Replacement Surgery

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